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Little late for this yrs show but. The BIG show in Oregon is the Great Oregon Steam-up. Held the last weekend in Jul and first weekend in Aug. This was 40th yr if memory serves me well. Grounds and attendance are growing year by year. Show is held at what is now known as Antique Powerland. www.antiquepowerland.com grounds are now home to 7 different museums.

The annual truck show is coming up this weekend at same location. Will see truck that are over 100 yrs old, up to nearly new trucks and a few one of a kind trucks.

Here are a few of what may be on display.




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Was just looking around and ran across this old post and see there was a question for me.

Brooks Oregon is on I5 about 10 mi N of Salem Oregon. Not really a town but more like a wide spot in the road. Travel plaza-truck stop at the freeway and truck depot for one of the truck lines. Few other small businesses but that is about it.

Sorry I overlooked the question Shartel. My bad.

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