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Please give a warm welcome to our newest vendor/sponsor Amalgamated Inc.!

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Gary Pipenger (CEO) of Amalgamated Inc. and his company team are among the latest vendor/sponsors to participate with Tractor Farm and Family.

They make a wide range of various diesel fuel, biodiesel, and fuel oil additives for the fuel market.

As many of us are diesel tractor, pickup truck, and generator owners just to name a fuel, the importance of good quality diesel fuel and additives is a near and dear issue. More than a few of us have questions pertaining to this from time to time.

Gary and his expert staff stand ready to answer your questions and help build your understanding of the importance of premium, quality diesel fuel as well as various diesel fuel additives! :happy34:

Everyone be sure to check out and visit their website:


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Welcome Gary!

I took the opportunity to look you up ...{ http://www.amalgamatedinc.com/ } Wow, impressive. Always nice to know someone on the inside of a company with such a Pedigree. I hope I have the opportunity to try out your products in the near future.


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