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TFF Admin

One thing you everyone can do to really help us get noticed by the internet search engines and on the internet is to add (read pile on) as many tags to each thread as you can.

If you look under the text window while writing up a post or reply, you will see a yellow box with Tags (in green) just above it.

The instructions say to separate each tag with a comma.

Please add in as many tags as you can think of. The search engines and search feature on this forum look for and use these tags to help folks find what they are looking for when doing internet searchs on pretty much all of the search engines like Google, yahoo, etc.

The more tags, the merrier! You can never have too many just as long as they are relevant to the subject matter.

If you see a thread that has no tags, there is an edit tag function at the bottom of the post on the right that you can add tags with as well.

I appreciate everyone's help on this.


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