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GenerLink Safely Connect a Portable Generator To Your Home Without Rewiring

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In the past, we have had a rash, and continue to have a number of power outages at various odd times.

I have been looking at and considering various ways of hooking up my Generac 5500 watt generator. It has a surge capacity of 6850 watts so it can handle the well pump surge to start provided nothing else is drawing power.

I have been considering the GenerLink for some time.



It seems to be a good idea and it for the most part eliminates the need for a switch over panel. It also allows you to feed the entire house and use the existing circuit breakers to isolate and power the various appliances and such on the houses power grid while isolating my generator from the main power grid.

The GenerLink is designed for use with portable generators that are temporarily connected to a home and provide a maximum continuous power output of 7200 watts or about 30 amps. This would be just about ideal for my generator for temporary emergency use. They seem to cost around $625 dollars from what I have found on the internet.

Northern Tool & Equipment sells a 50 amp model for $849.99


They also sell a 30 amp model for $699.99


This seems to be a pretty steep price for an outdoor electrical hookup. :confused:

Has anyone used this device and if so, how did it work.

Seems like a great idea and ideal way to hook a generator provided you are not trying to exceed 7200 watts on the 30 amp model or 9600 watts on the 50 amp model.

In some areas, the local power companies and coops are selling these at a considerably discounted price. Check with your local electric power provider.

Sure beats trying to back feed the house power system using a plug and risking reversing polarity or damaging components or worse.

It would be great to hear from someone who has actually used one of these.

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Looks like a nice and simple device for the occasional generator user, I have never used mine for a power failure, but I would be sure to disconnect my power from the grid 1st.

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TFF Admin

As it turns out, we decided to have a Generac 20K air cooled propane fueled generator with the transfer switch and whole house panel wired through it about 4 years ago.  It has been a fantastic unit.  Aside from periodic maintenance like oil changes, air filter, spark-plugs, and it required a valve adjustment and inspection once during this time, it has been trouble free and worth every penny.  

Generac has since come out with a 22k version of this generator which is even better.   

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