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Celox Trauma Wound Treatment Kit

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Has anyone ever thought about what they would do in the event of a severe injury involving blood loss in a remote location such as on a long hike or our hunting in a secluded location???

I find myself out in the woods in very remote locations on our property cutting firewood. Accidents can and do happen and if GOD FORBID they do, especially with a chainsaw or firearm, what can you do to render EFFECTIVE first aid to control and stop the bleeding until you can get to an adequate medical treatment facility?

A good first aid kit is a great first step.

Learning and understanding the proper application of CPR is another.

Beyond this, many folks are just not properly trained and have no idea how to stop or control an arterial bleed or other severe injury involving blood loss.

I carry a Celox Trauma Wound Treatment Kit in my truck for the above situations with the hopes and prayers that I NEVER have occasion to use it but am prepared with something to work with.

I have the Advanced Celox Trauma Wound Kit which I feel has a few really nice extras to help make the best of that "Golden Hour".

I wish we had kits like this when I was in the military. 9 of my 21 years in the military, I served as a MEDEVAC pilot flying UH-60A helicopters. These kits if available at the time would have been onboard with me as ALL times.

Here are a few video's that cover the use of Celox:


WARNING!!!!!!! This video contains graphic content showing actual arterial bleeding of an anestitized animal. DO NOT click on the video link below if you are upset by such content!!!

This video is shown solely to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Celox product:

This kits goes with me in my truck and I keep a supply of about 6 of the Celox 35 gram kits in our freezer for any potential needs around our farm.

I highly recommend them. So much so, I bought one for my friend Jim to take with him to Iraq on his 2nd tour of duty there. Fortunately he never had to use it. There are a number of retailers who sell this product. The link below is where I purchased mine kit.


There is also an injector type applicator for Celox as well:


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That is great what modern medicine has done. I go in the woods my self hiking, camping, mountain biking, and that would be handy in my first aid kit.

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