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Tractor Farm and Family

Afternoon with Mike.

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Had Mike pick me up at my house yesterday since I had put my truck in the shop at 10:00 in the morning for a trans problem. 

When He got here I asked if he wanted to give the pack behind my place a try. He said no, he wanted to hit a couple places west of me that hadn’t been hunted in about 3 months. I load my gear in and off we went about 30 miles for the first place a beef operation. We have been hunting here about 6 years they have a large wood lot mostly mature growth but sections have been timbered off since the first time we started hunting there. They rotate what they cut for fire wood and saw logs.

We set up two decoys and two callers, Mike starts with a challenge call then quickly switches to the sound of a female looking for a mate. At 20 minutes we use the coyote party sound with in 5 minutes a coyote shows in Mikes zone. He lets if get about 25 yards from the first decoy before he shoots. One chunk of chaching A male to drag to the truck.

A quick 10 mile drive to another beef farm owned by Lee Albreck he is sort of a new comer to our list of farms to hunt only been with use about a year and a half.

They have a rive that runs thru the farm with a lot of wetter bottoms where there is a lot of brush and trees along the river.

We get set up on a hill over looking the river in a open field we set the decoys out and the caller . Mike said he wasn’t sure they coyotes were ready to mate yet since it took so long to get a coyote to respond at the last place. Probably because of the cold is Only 20 f and a wind chill down in the single digits.

We choose a piglet in distress sound. About the 12 minute mark two coyotes start working along the edge of the brush line. I signed for mike to take the trailing coyote and once aaa saw he was on the coyote I signed the trigger and let the swift speak. Two coyotes down both were females fairly young by the teeth it seemed.

Mike drives us about 5 miles north and stops at a sheep farm owned by Rodger Porter. Rodger has been with us a really long time at least 12 years when he had a pair of coyotes coming in to the yard and killing some chickens and eating dog foot set out for his dogs. There is a small wood lot with out much brush since the sheep keep it trimmed down. But there is a corner of 3 farms where the wood lots connect and one place is owned by absentee people who only show up in the summer to camp and ride ATV’s and fire arm deer hunt in the fall.

This time we run both callers with lambs in distress sound.

About 22 minutes we have a single coyote show on my zone. I don’t allow it to get so close to the decoys as I like them to be about 150 to 200 yards from our set. Trigger the Swift and see the coyote go down then quickly raise as I jacked another round in the chamber just as it dropped for good.

Mike say one more farm and then he will take me home and have a go at the pack out back.

It had started snowing by now a fine powder sugar type of snow. We drive about 6 miles and pull into another beef farm Dennis Collins place. They have been with us about 12 years also, we got the call when coyotes were coming to the calf area and made attempts at getting in there.

They have a sloth usually full of grass and brush by due to the drought last summer cattle were pastures in there and had mowed the grass down and trampled some of the brush.

Still we are going to give it a try since we think we may pull one or two out since it has been 5 months since any one has hunted it.

We should have just passed it by as we saw nothing in 30 minutes. 

Get back to my house and had time to walk back and set up on the ridge and put the callers down by the creek.

30 minutes there and we seen nothing. I have not seen signs or heard Any since I shot the one a week or so ago.

:D        Al

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TFF Admin

That was definitely worth the trip Al.  I apologize for the long delay in replying.  I have been VERY ill with medical issues and just now getting back up to par.  Coyote hunting sure is a lot more fun when you have a sharp partner to come along with you.  

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I have lots of sharp partners. There are 11 in the group counting my self.  Amy the fur buyers daughter is away at college right now. 

We meet every other Sunday half of us put our names in a hat. the other half draws a partner for the next two weeks.  Next metting is Sunday next.

some guys don't like switching and are pretty much perment partners like Charlie and Brent. Most guy don't care as they don't care for Brent.

:D        Al 


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