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Winter Nucleus Colonies

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I finally got all of my 40 nucleus colonies pushed together and insulated with a triple layer of Reflectix bubble insulation wrapped around the hives and 3 inches of John Mansville polyisocyanurate foam insulation board cut to fit inside of and on top of the half gallon glass jar feeder box.  

As you can see, the insulation is doing a very good job of mitigating heat loss.  The only heat loss showing is the box with the half gallon glass jar feeders inside that are not wrapped and above this box there is very little heat loss due to the foam insulation board.  

I have also included FLIR camera pictures of a few 10 frame hives that are insulated with the Easy-On Beehive Cover which did OK with R-4 insulation value but was not as much insulation as I like so I added a Bee Cozy over it which added R-8 insulation for a combined R-12.  

The hives that I insulated that have a Broodminder kit installed showed a stabilization of temperature swings and internal hive temperatures increase varying amounts depending upon cluster size.  








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