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Fire arm deer season starts tomorrow.

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Have been waiting for nearly a year for tomorrow . There has been a lot of changes to the area thru the year. To start with we bought 10 acres next door to the south that is over grown with Autum Olive and other brushy stuff, some white pines that were planted there around 1986 so are farly large now and many Hickorys and a few Oaks. 

I have set up a blind on one part for this season, may be able to do some thing more for Muzzle loader season with the short break between if need be.

Another change it the person who bought the farm on the cross road north of us has built a elevated blind about 50 yards off the property line, May lazer it to day to know for sure. I was told he did a food plot there and then set up a feeder in Oct. 

I have seen 3 bucks with mine own eyes a for sure 6 point, a for sure 8 point and a spike. 

Have all but the spike on the trail cam.

Yes I now after deer hunting for 56 years have a trail cam my wife talked me into getting. I didn't think I would care for one or really have a use for it but it has been fun pulling the card and seeing what I have gotten. 

Racoons, pussoms, squirrels, house cats and the deer.

Lots of does just behind the honey house about 20 to 30 yards like this one.



This buck early one morning. wish it was not so blurry.



There was this one laying in our front yard one afternoon I got the picture with my hunting carry camera. I don't see any brow tines.




Like I said a house cat, really a barn cat, and coons.




This early morning Buck on the trail cam too.



:D           Al




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TFF Admin

The full blown stupidity starts this weekend with gun opening of rifle season in Tennessee on November 17th.  All walks in the wood STOP and blaze orange and yellow is worn by all outside the house.  I am a strong supporter of hunting but sometimes I have some serious wonderment when I see some of the deer that get shot.  It appears some shooter have no deer management program to allow the younger deer to grow and harvest the oldest deer as well as take does when populations get out of balance.  Seems more like a "shoot anything that moves" deer management program.  Gun safety and personal responsibility are an oxymoron these days too.  Hopefully this season will be an enjoyable and safe season for ALL.  Good luck and be careful out there!  :happy34:

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