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Buicks on the bricks Water street

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Back to the bricks car show has came and gone. Most Buicks were on water street or a couple of parking lots connected. The GN factory # 1 is located on Water street as well as the Durant house.

We were invited by the Michigan Buick club to park there and we should be there as close to 4:00 AM as possiable. We were a little late at 4:30 but were near the front of the Factory.





All the Grand Nationals We parked together in a side parking lot along with a couple T type Regals that wanted to be there.


This GSX didn't have a grill, there was no room for it. I was told later by the owner there is room but he had not did it yet.


This what ever it is was in the way. 


though you hot rodders would like to see this plumbers night mare.


:D        Al

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