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Tell us how your bees are doing this year (2018)

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I started out with 61 hives that got off to a great start in early Spring........then came some very hard freezes later in March which killed about half.  I purchased 9 hives from a friend from which we were immediately able to make a split into a nuc to make 10 and I split the other 9 hives last Sunday. 

To make up my losses, I fed and built up the remaining 30 hives as big as possible and have been making a series of walk away splits which so far the majority have been re-queening themselves.  About 10% so far have not re-queened and I have had to either add a queen cell, a frame of uncapped young brood, or a frame of broom with queen cells on it.  

I have lost count of the number of hives I currently have but I am pretty sure I am almost to 100 hives give or take.  

I am moving hives I have on 6 way commercial pallets off of them onto 2 cinder block high hive stands with landscaping timbers layed across the blocks.  I try to keep 3 hives to a hive stand but some have 4 or 5.  I am also removing the Apivar strips, installing queen excluders, and adding honey supers while I am checking for queen right hives.  I realize that I am a bit late getting my honey supers on but it was a priority to make up the losses first.  I expect there may be about a 45 days of a good strong nectar flow so I am hoping my bees can make some appreciable amount of honey.  

Next week, I am planting foraging crops for my bees at various locations on the farm.  

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