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Ithaca Mi dust off car show

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Ithaca Mi only show we found for this week end that the threat of rain wasn't so great. Never the less the people who worked to put it on set a rain date, if it did happen to rain, and had a Phone number to call to make sure it was still a go for today.

It was dry and some places even a bit of sun shine driving over. As we turned off M 21 to 127 it started to sprinkle. Closer we got to Ithaca the harder it came down, wipers now set full on slow speed. Kare calls is the show still on despite us beiong about 25 miles away. OH YA he said it is still clear here and there are already a bunch lined up on the street. We drove out of the rain about 5 miles south of town. 

We get there and park, Kare goes to sign us in and donate to the fund they asked for while I start from the bottom up cleaning the car, tires are now sparkling black and clean even the tread. As I started the detailing wax it started sprinkling, Lady with Pick up next to use tells hubby they are wasting their time, I keep going as the Lucas detailing wax Dave said was good stuff seemed to work even better with the sprinkles.
I finish shortly after Kare gets back and I tell her she has to do the windows, turns out she doesn't do windows, either do I today, they will have to be good enough.

The fire house, is old and neat for this old farming town.


Our Buick is looking really good even though no cars are being judged today (sunday).


Our neighbours to the east were traveling as a group so were  not real neighborly.


:D     Al

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TFF Admin

The Buick is looking good Al. :happy34:  Love that black Impala SS.  The red strip accents the black paint just right.  Does have an original 409?

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No I think it just had a 327.
Lot more pictures when I catch some time.
:D     Al

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Rare Dodge Diplomat with 4 speed trans.









:D                Al

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