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While out checking my apiary Friday, I noticed a great deal of bee activity around one of my pallets of hives.  I could also hear the dull buzzy roar of a swarm of bees somewhere close to me.  I looked around and found a very nice size swarm of honey bees in a black berry bush thicket.  I had been working on putting out our swarm traps but the wife had just painted them and they were still drying from Friday.  I rushed back to the house, I grabbed one that seemed to be the most dried, put 5 frames of drawn out comb and an empty frame into the trap, saturated a cotton ball with lemon grass oil and swabbed the entrance to the trap, the tops of the frames and threw the cotton ball inside the swarm trap.  It DID smell rather nice I must say. :)  

I loaded the swarm trap into the back of the Kubota RTVX and off I went to place the trap as you can see by the pictures I was a bit limited for space so I leaned the trap against the black berry thicket where the swarm had landed in a small sappling.  I gently shook some bees off of the swarm in the sappling so they would fall onto the side of the swarm trap where the entrance slot is.  I quick prayer and off I went tending to other apiary chores, followed by grass mowing in my apiary (in which I am shamefully behind with).  

I came back a few hours later and they were pretty much all on or clinging to the trap box but had not all gone in.  The final pictures showing the little "bee bridge" going into the entrance slot was the next morning on Saturday.  They had all pretty much gone inside the box and a NICE honey bee hum was emitting from the box. 

As of this morning I went to check on them and add a brick to the trap box lid due to thunderstorms on the way.  They were still inside humming away.  :happy34:

I will leave them there for a week or two and allow the queen to lay brood and the bees to clean up the comb.  Once they are well establish in the swarm trap, I will then cover the entrance slot and move them to where I will put them into a double deep nucleus colony for further development.  Possibly split them later down the road.  

Enjoy the pics!  








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Would have been just as easy to shake them into a 10 frame deep full of frames and be finished.

:D  Al

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TFF Admin

I have tried that several times and the next day the swarm was gone.  So far I have caught 3 more swarms this way and all 3 stayed in the swarm trap box.  Once they draw the frames out in the swarm trap and establish several frames of brood, I move them to a 10 frame box hive.  

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