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First Split of the Season

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The wife and I made our first split of the season.  I had a nucleus colony that was 5 boxes tall and just packed.  We got behind on splits due to my father passing away and attending his funeral plus so much rain.  The nuc had a LOT of bees in it but I could not find the queen for the life of me.  I DID find 2 capped swarm cells on a frame in the 3rd box and a capped supercedure cell in the lowest box.  I am afraid it appears that we were too late and the original queen had already swarmed away as there was very little uncapped brood, some capped brood, and I could NOT find any eggs or fresh larva in the hive.  We decided to split the nuc using the 2 swarm cells for one split then moving it away and leaving the box with the supercedure cell in place.  

I will give them a few weeks and then open them up to look if the swarm and supercedure cells hatched.  Hopefully they will.  Then it will be about a month before we see some fresh brood again......HOPEFULLY!  :)   If not, we will have to steal a frame of recent uncapped brood with eggs and install them for another try at making their own queen.  

The nectar flow is really good.  MANY things are in full bloom, especially blackberries.  Hope all of our other beekeepers are doing well!


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