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Dealers you never know till you need service.

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Dealers sure are dumb some times. Got a recall on my mower said a Digital spark advance could get hot the mower catch fire. Do not use the mower till fixed. Was raining off and on yesterday so I decided to call the dealer where I bought it and make an appointment to get it fixed. Was told they don;t make appointments just drop it off or they will send some one out to pick it up and I could pick it up in 3 or 4 days or they would deliver it back here. He kept saying they had 500 of the freeking things to fix and were not making appointments. I didn't care for the way the jerk was talking to me so I call the 800 number they sent with the recall for the number of another dealer that would be able to fix it. I call the Next closest one and am told to bring it right in some one will come out and fix it on my trailer a 5 minute job. I drove over there express the whole way except from my house to the express way and a mile or 2 from the express way to their shop. Walked in and let them know I was there for the fix, fellow walked out climbed on the trailer and had the fix done in about 15 minute's along with the test. No fuss no muss and no paper work for me.

Dealer where I bought my machine lost a customer and where it got fixed gained one.

Their are a lot of guys in MY area that make a living in the summer with those machines and can't make a appointment to get a fix made in a short time? Have to loose the use of their machine for 3 to 4 days? What kind of B/S service is that.

:D Al

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