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The Doom and Bloom Mini Trauma Bag

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We are happy to now offer The Doom and Bloom Mini Trauma Bag:


The Doom and Bloom Mini Trauma Bag is your option to deal with injuries without having to dedicate an entire backpack for medical supplies. It only weighs 2 lb 12 oz. Conveniently packaged in a portable OD green bag that is only 13 x 9 x 4 inches, it will fit easily inside or attached to the outside of your main bug-out bag, plus it has a handle for easy carrying.


1 cold pack

1 4” ace wrap

1 6” israeli bandage

1 2g Celox hemostatic agent

2 eye pads

1 pack (2 sheets) steri strips

1 nail scissors

1 straight hemostat clamp 5”

1 2-0 nylon suture

1 SuperGlue packet

1 tweezers

1 LED penlight

1 Stainless steel bandage scissors 7.25”

20 1” x 3” adhesive bandage

10 2” x 3” adhesive bandage

2 Sterile ABD dressings 5” x 9”

5 pair Large Nitrile Gloves

20 non-sterile 4” x 4” gauze

10 Sterile 4” x 4” gauze

5 Non-Stick sterile dressing 3” x 4”

1 Kerlix sterile dressing

1 Mylar solar blanket

1 Cloth Medical Tape 1” x 10 yds.

1 Duct tape 2" x 5 yds.

1 Triangular Bandage with safety pins

1 tube Triple antibiotic ointment

10 alcohol wipes

10 povidone-iodine wipes

6 BZK anti-microbial wipes

1 packet burn gel

6 Sting Relief Towelettes

1 13” x 9” x 4” OD green med bag


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