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DSL - 3.7 Mbit Down (0.037 GBit) / 0.5 Mbit Up

Internal Network - 100 Mbit Up and Down

2 Computers here are 1 GBit ready... :evilgrin10:

Now I know my buddy's new blackberry phone can use my Wireless Signal from my DSL box. But still limited to 53 Mbit

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Guest urednecku

My house is in a 'fringe' area....sometimes I get 2 bars, most times none. During a call, if I move my head the signal is lost. We got one of those thru Sprint, & if & when our DSL is working it works ok, we'll get the full 5 bars. It's nothing to brag on, but it would beat no signal at all.

oh yea, no, I don't have any idea what speed it has, I'm a 'techno-dummy'!!

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