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Found 8 results

  1. alleyyooper

    PTO problem

    PTO stopped working on My 1965 Ford 5000. Was useing the brush hog was time to stop for the evening so I ran it to the shed with the PTO off and the next morning Nothing. Yes the fluids are up. Al
  2. alleyyooper

    My free D 17

    A gift from a neighbor that was moving back to the city. He said that I saved him from going bankruped by working on his equipment so much and I should have the D 17 with fel, 10 foot disk, two bottom trailer plow, rear dirt scoop, and field cultivator. I know how to get them stuck too. Al
  3. alleyyooper

    The CASE VAC U that never was.

    Mid March 1954, while milking the cows dad says to mom we need to get a new tractor with a PTO unit. The MH 20 has the power to run the baler I bought at auction last fall but it doesn't have the pto shaft nor live power. After breakfast we got in the pick up to visit some dealers. Since Massey Harris tractors are dear to dad they were the first stop. Looked at a MH colt decided it was just to small for the farming we do. The MH mustang looked like the 20 and had a pto and 3 point hitch. Dad talked to the dealer some and told mom that the dealer didn't want to take the 20 in on trade as most wanted bigger tractors with 3 point hitches these days. Next stop was a Case dealer. Those Case tractors are some ugly looking things dad said as he walked down the row of SC & DC models. At the end of the row however sat a VAC-U. Looked like a tractor should with out all that steering stuff hanging out to catch stuff. Dad talked to the dealer who said it could be delivered the next day but the cultvators would be a month. Nice orange tractor, foot throddle as well as a hand one, Live power pto, and 3 point hitch. Next day it was delivered with a 2 -14 3 point hitch plow. Out to the field dad and I went to plow up some corn ground. Dad made a few rounds and told me to get in the seat. Son he said this is going to be your tractor so you might just as soon start learning how to drive and work it, I was 8 years old. The cultivators came and were mounted on the tractor. To this day I am sure they didn't belong on that tractor as they were so heavy on the front end I had to stop at the end of a corn row and haul on the steering wheel to turn that bear around. Then it was haying time. Oh that live power was sweet, running that T45 IH baler, of course dad wouldn't let me drive then. I sat on the twine box and made sure every bale tied, And ran for this and that. I spent a lot of time on that VAC and have a lot of other storys till she went to a new home in 1959. I was told by a so called expert that the VAC never had live power. But then came a long a gentleman that said he has one just like it in fl. and Case didn't always inform the dealer they were selling a expermintal tractor. Al
  4. We really do care about what our members enjoy each time they visit TFF. Please take a moment to look over this poll and vote on your personal preferences as this well help us in plotting the present and future direction of Tractor Farm and Family. You may vote on more than one category and the results are immediately viewable after you vote.
  5. This link covers all the Belarus tractor line. The compact utility tractors are the 200, 300, & 400 series tractors. http://www.belarus.com/tractors.htm#200
  6. tractorbeam

    1959 Oliver

    I thought this was pretty darn coohttp://spokane.craigslist.org/grd/1798518406.htmll here!
  7. A very nice reference to make sure you have the proper amount of fluid in your Deere! John Deere AgFluidCapacities.pdf
  8. Here is a great web link for you John Deere owners out there to find a wide range of information. https://jdparts.deere.com/servlet/com.deere.u90.jdparts.view.servlets.maincontroller.Resource