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Found 2 results

  1. Complete the side view The bottom board, screened of course The stand in hive for the picture, the divder was modified to sit on the frame rest after the photo With 5 frames One unmodfied intercover Second intercover Al
  2. This video was apparently made in the Netherlands. It is in Flevoland, a province of the Netherlands that was reclaimed from the sea. It has a fairly heavy clay topsoil but underneath of it is often a sandy soil. By plowing about 4 feet deep they basically bring the sand to the top and that makes is perfectly suited for growing tulips which is a big $$$ crop. Which is how they can justify this work. The Cameco is not attached to the Fendt. The cable runs under the tractor and is hooked directly to the plow. The Fendt keeps the plow in place and rolls it over at the end. The Cameco would not have enough traction if it would have to run in furrow. The Fendt only pulls it a little at the end of the field when the Cameco has already started to turn. Other than that the Cameco does the real work. NO WAY you could plow like that around where I live! Still, this is a really interesting video to watch even if it is an oldie but goodie! http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8353699219257606473&q=fendt#