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  2. bontai Joe

    Has been a while since we have did a roll call. For 2018

    Hi guys, It has been quite a while since I've popped in here. Life got busy AND complicated at the same time. My health took a dump, and I've had to retire on disability. Doc says I only have 40% use of my lungs. So a walk out to the truck to go shopping requires me to sit for 10 minutes in the truck to catch my breath before driving. My kidneys are acting up, but not too bad yet. And I have the marvelous pain of arthritis. This getting old crap ain't for the meek. Seems strange to wake up and not go to work. I worked at the same place for 31 years. I heard they hired 2 recent graduates to replace me, made me feel good to hear that it took 2 guys to do what I did.Been working on my "bucket list". Took my wife to see the 50th anniversary tour of the Moody Blues (GREAT show!) Also went to see John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, The Oak Ridge Boys, Diamond Rio, The Righteous Brothers, and some comedy from Carlos Mencia, and Rodney Carrington. I went to a firearms auction 2 hours north of home and got a revolver I've been looking for, for over 30 years. A Dan Wesson in .22LR with an extra barrel. I'm hoping to go to a gun auction this weekend to pick up a cheap "wall hanger" double barrel shotgun just because I want one to hang on a rack in the living room. I went to an Amish gun auction about a month ago. They must be a progressive group, because they use electricity to power lights and computers, and have on-line bidding. Sure was interesting. I ended up just buying lunch in their own cafeteria. One of the best hamburgers I've ever had and got home made apple pie for desert, too. Got my old Deere tractor fixed and running. That will be a plus this winter when moving snow.So why am I suddenly hear you might be wondering? I gotta find something to occupy my time besides daytime TV. I'm sure I'm lowering my IQ every day I watch the crap that is on. Between Jerry Springer's inbred, 6 toed, mutant guests, and Maury Povitch proclaiming, "You are NOT the father!" and the gaggles of women sitting around tables clucking like old chickens about how bad everything is, I have decided that I'll try reacquainting myself with the forums I used to visit. Seems quiet here, but maybe I can poke around and create some interest.
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  4. As it turns out, we decided to have a Generac 20K air cooled propane fueled generator with the transfer switch and whole house panel wired through it about 4 years ago. It has been a fantastic unit. Aside from periodic maintenance like oil changes, air filter, spark-plugs, and it required a valve adjustment and inspection once during this time, it has been trouble free and worth every penny. Generac has since come out with a 22k version of this generator which is even better.
  5. Last week
  6. After much mulling over, we finally decided to pull the trigger on a 2016 Kubota RTVX 1100C. All I can say is that I am kicking myself for not having purchased this piece of equipment MUCH sooner. Being able to carry up to 1500 lbs. of cargo and the RACS kit makes carrying items like string trimmers and extra hive boxes so much easier. Having airconditioning is soooooo much nicer and almost a necessity when working the beehives in super hot and humid weather. So far, the only thing I can complain about is a lack of power. 24 hp gets the job done but another 20 hp sure would be nice. I'll get back to this post with some pictures.
  7. TFF Admin

    Bad Boy Zero Turn Diesel AOS 7200/6100

    Fast forward to August of 2016. We like how well the Bad Boy AOSD 7200 performed that we purchased a second one. The wife and I found ourselves mowing over 50 acres and it seemed like it was growing each year with our apiary. This one is almost a carbon copy of the the 2013 model with the biggest difference being that in 2015 (I think it was) Catarpillar decided to rebrand all of its engines below 100 hp to Perkins. The 2016 Bad Boy has the same engine only it is not painted Catarpillar cannary yellow, everything else is pretty much the same. The wife was initially terrified to operate the Bad Boy but after some training and practice, she loves mowing with it.
  8. TFF Admin

    Bad Boy Zero Turn Diesel AOS 7200/6100

    Well........fast forward to the next week in September of 2013, I pulled the trigger on that Bad Boy AOSD 7200 with the Caterpillar diesel. All I can say is WOW! That is one cuttin' hause! It has been a VERY good and VERY reliable mower that we have had for 5 years now. Where does the time go???
  9. TFF Admin

    Need a bigger tractor!

    The time for that tractor upgrade is a gettin' closer. I am down to my last 30 or so 5 gallon buckets of Ultra Bee dry feed. For the time being, I have purchased a set of forks that mount on the rear 3 pt. hitch which can lift MUCH more than the front end loader forks. It will do for now and carry me through a little longer. One of my neighbors purchased a John Deere tractor about a year ago and may want to sell it. I may just wait until he offers it for sale. Can't remember the exact year and model but I believe it was somewhere between 75 and 85 hp. That should cover all of my needs.
  10. After surgery, recovery, and physical therapy on my arm last year, not much got done on my 2002 Dodge Ram 2500. In fact with the exception of a 3 hour round trip to pick up 14 barrels of sugar it has pretty much sat for most of the year with a few local trips to the gas station to get some diesel fuel and gas in cans for equipment around the farm. On that sugar barrel run, when we pulled up at the pickup point, the brakes on both of our trucks were smoking from being so hot. Apparently, all of that sitting around and non-use allowed everything in the brakes to rust up and seize. The wife and I have been looking after our bees and have not had any time to work on the trucks so they are both going to a local garage that was recommended to me starting with my truck first since it's brake problem was the worst. My arm is much better but still not up to a lot of hard core wrenching on the truck yet. While the brakes are being worked on I figured I may as well give them the other things I wanted to install on my truck like a Fluid Damper harmonic damper, Mag Hy-Tech differential covers front and back, and replacing the driver side rear quad cab clam shell door latch that has been giving me a lot of trouble. When I get the truck back, I'll post some pictures of what got done. I also need to give the old girl a long time and much needed bath. The leaves and pollen falling from the trees have made a mess over the years. She is getting old but still got a lot left in her.......just like the owner/driver.
  11. I meant to add that we like how well the Mighty Mite Killer performed and commented about it to Lynn Williams the owner of BHTI. He asked if we would like to be representatives for the product in this area and we agreed. So if you have any questions about or are having any issues with the Mighty Mite Killer, please feel free to ask or contact me.
  12. Well, it took me a good while as the wife I have been BUSY as a bee in our apiary but as you can see, the pictures speak for themselves. We have just finished treating our 8 and 10 frame hives with the Mighty Mite Killer for the Fall treatment. The nucleus colony size Mighty Mite Killers won't be out until sometime in late October or early November so the 45 nucleus colonies we built will have to be treated with Apivar. On the day before we left to attend the Tennessee Beekeepers Conference we were down to our last 5 hives and it rained so we decided to break out the Mite Away Quick Strips and give them a try. I will start another thread and post some pictures of the July Mighty Might Killer treatments in progress to give you and idea of how they go.
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  14. I will have to get back to this thread once I reduce the size of the pictures I am trying to upload or make some format changes.
  15. I finished treating my hives at the end of July. I have posted some pics to show the immediate mite and small hive beetle kills. There were even more mites after 3 days showing up on a mite drop board below the screened bottom board. What was particularly surprising was the brood explosion that occurred about 3 weeks after the treatment. Many of my double deep hives had 8 to 10 frames of brood and in more than a few cases more. The other thing that stood out to me was the huge improvement of the queen's brood pattern and how she was now pretty much filling up each brood frame to the max. Previous to the treatment, the populations were going sideways and in some case going down. Almost ALL of the brood frames that I inspected showed a very spotty brood pattern which is a strong indication for varroa mite infestation. See below:
  16. Back to the bricks car show has came and gone. Most Buicks were on water street or a couple of parking lots connected. The GN factory # 1 is located on Water street as well as the Durant house. We were invited by the Michigan Buick club to park there and we should be there as close to 4:00 AM as possiable. We were a little late at 4:30 but were near the front of the Factory. All the Grand Nationals We parked together in a side parking lot along with a couple T type Regals that wanted to be there.This GSX didn't have a grill, there was no room for it. I was told later by the owner there is room but he had not did it yet.This what ever it is was in the way. though you hot rodders would like to see this plumbers night mare. Al
  17. I have said that for years. It isn't for the people by the people any longer hasn't been for a long time. It is the rich for the rich and the rich companies. Al
  18. Zell Miller former, GA governor, Lt. Governor, and Senator passed away on March 23, 2018. I am ashamed to say that I had no idea of this until yesterday while listening to the radio. I guess the McCain funeral has dredged up a lot of political issues and discussion about "mavericks". If there ever was a maverick, Zell Miller was the consummate maverick who based his decisions on his values and common sense. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/politics/ct-zell-miller-dies-at-86-20180323-story.html The Democrat Party has long since taken a radical turn to the left and has absolutely NO resemblance to what once was the REAL Democrat Party and has now become the Progressive Marxist/Communist Party. The Republican Party has taken a similar path and with the exception of a few now has become strangely familiar to a Socialist Lite Party. Perhaps the time has come for a funeral for both the Democrat and Republican Parties.
  19. TFF Admin

    Has been a while since we have did a roll call. For 2018

    I'm still here kickin' Al. Although I have not been on regular, the wife and I have been overwhelmed with our apiary. Seems like everyday we are working until sundown. Not sure why no traffic comes here. Mike has been busy fighting fires and no time to look after the software end of things. I am considering making some changes but not sure how to go about it just yet. How are your bees doing this year Al?
  20. alleyyooper

    Main Street Memorys is over.

    I didn't get one still picture because I didn't make sure the SD card was in the camera. In My defence the camera is a Christmas presant and I still have not learned I need to look at the LCD when I turn it on. It doesn't store picturs internally either. Paul has a you tube up on it already over 450 cars and trucks in one form or another. Al
  21. Nearly a year has gone by since I tried to see if any one is still alive here other than my self and possiably TFF. Yes my Brother is still alive and well, but I doubt he comes to this desert and sees if any one makes post here unless I prompt him with an E mail. so if your alive and still can type post some thing to that effect here. Al
  22. TFF Admin

    Happy Father's Day!

    Just wanted to give a shout out to all of the fathers out there today! Today is YOUR day! Happy Father's Day! It is sweltering here in TN. Hope everyone else has a plan to beat the heat.
  23. alleyyooper

    Ithaca Mi dust off car show

    Rare Dodge Diplomat with 4 speed trans. Al
  24. alleyyooper

    Ithaca Mi dust off car show

    No I think it just had a 327. Lot more pictures when I catch some time. :D Al
  25. TFF Admin

    Ithaca Mi dust off car show

    The Buick is looking good Al. Love that black Impala SS. The red strip accents the black paint just right. Does have an original 409?
  26. I started out with 61 hives that got off to a great start in early Spring........then came some very hard freezes later in March which killed about half. I purchased 9 hives from a friend from which we were immediately able to make a split into a nuc to make 10 and I split the other 9 hives last Sunday. To make up my losses, I fed and built up the remaining 30 hives as big as possible and have been making a series of walk away splits which so far the majority have been re-queening themselves. About 10% so far have not re-queened and I have had to either add a queen cell, a frame of uncapped young brood, or a frame of broom with queen cells on it. I have lost count of the number of hives I currently have but I am pretty sure I am almost to 100 hives give or take. I am moving hives I have on 6 way commercial pallets off of them onto 2 cinder block high hive stands with landscaping timbers layed across the blocks. I try to keep 3 hives to a hive stand but some have 4 or 5. I am also removing the Apivar strips, installing queen excluders, and adding honey supers while I am checking for queen right hives. I realize that I am a bit late getting my honey supers on but it was a priority to make up the losses first. I expect there may be about a 45 days of a good strong nectar flow so I am hoping my bees can make some appreciable amount of honey. Next week, I am planting foraging crops for my bees at various locations on the farm.
  27. alleyyooper

    Ithaca Mi dust off car show

    Ithaca Mi only show we found for this week end that the threat of rain wasn't so great. Never the less the people who worked to put it on set a rain date, if it did happen to rain, and had a Phone number to call to make sure it was still a go for today. It was dry and some places even a bit of sun shine driving over. As we turned off M 21 to 127 it started to sprinkle. Closer we got to Ithaca the harder it came down, wipers now set full on slow speed. Kare calls is the show still on despite us beiong about 25 miles away. OH YA he said it is still clear here and there are already a bunch lined up on the street. We drove out of the rain about 5 miles south of town. We get there and park, Kare goes to sign us in and donate to the fund they asked for while I start from the bottom up cleaning the car, tires are now sparkling black and clean even the tread. As I started the detailing wax it started sprinkling, Lady with Pick up next to use tells hubby they are wasting their time, I keep going as the Lucas detailing wax Dave said was good stuff seemed to work even better with the sprinkles. I finish shortly after Kare gets back and I tell her she has to do the windows, turns out she doesn't do windows, either do I today, they will have to be good enough. The fire house, is old and neat for this old farming town. Our Buick is looking really good even though no cars are being judged today (sunday). Our neighbours to the east were traveling as a group so were not real neighborly. Al
  28. alleyyooper

    Our Buick spent the winter in the beauty shop.

    The Buick has two coats of epoxie primer over the bare metal to start. Then four sanding coats of primer that were block sanded till deemed smooth enough. One base color coat of each color and block sanded again. Once that first coat was sanded they decided it was ready so three coats of the base colors were applied, then four coats of clear. Was hand buffed our once and a machine buffing to finish it off. New door rubbers were installed as the old ones were bad to start and had to be removed to paint the inside door edges & the jams. I had removed the trunk rubber for them before I took it up to the shop. I will stress get every thing you want in writeing, and I meen every thing. I am totaly happy with all aspects of the job we had gotten the estmate for all verbal. But we had talked about pictures along the way, chrome stripped off, old paint stripped off to bare metal and the different primer coats. We didn't get a one picture of the process other than what I took. Al
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